Does the failure simply affect cricketers?

In response to a query regarding the possibility of an investigation into the World Cup controversy, a director of BCB was questioned. He replied, “The cricketers’ performance was not very good.” I assure you that someone else will be assigned the responsibility for this failure.

No individual or group can be attributed with the failure of the World Cup. They are responsible for their performance despite losing seven out of nine matches. Furthermore, they are also accusing the individuals responsible for the failure of the cricket players. During the pre-match press conference in Delhi, Head Coach Chandika Hathurusinghe took responsibility for the defeat against Sri Lanka.

Furthermore, Captain Shakib Al Hasan openly acknowledged his lack of success during the post-match press conference following the game against the Netherlands in Kolkata. He further mentioned that this World Cup is the worst ever for Bangladesh.

Are the BCB officials not responsible for this failure? Have they effectively managed the country’s cricket operations over the past four years? Did India plan and organise the World Cup after the 2019 tournament? Numerous other questions can be raised with the country’s cricket governing body. However, it will yield no positive results. They follow their principles because they believe in them. I have a head that resembles that of an ostrich!

Since 2019, Bangladesh has emerged as one of the most experienced teams in the World Cup. Under the leadership of Mashrafe Bin Mortaza, the country is filled with deep regret for its inability to reach the semi-finals of the 2019 World Cup. During a media appearance in London, Shakib Al-Hasan publicly criticised Mashrafe, accusing him of being selfish. It is quite ironic that Shakib had to depart from the India World Cup amidst criticism. The decision to change coaches six months ago and captains just before the tournament has undeniably affected the World Cup performance, regardless of what he may claim. However, their exceptional skills and qualifications make them worthy of being entrusted with the responsibility of leadership.

The BCB officials were unaware that the Hathuru-Shakib pair would turn the World Cup pitch into a testing ground when recruiting the coach and nominating the captain. The officials ignored the actions of the coaching staff and captain, allowing them to participate in multiple matches without consequence. Is Jalal Yunus, the chairman of the BCB cricket management department, able to evade accountability for the failures under his leadership as the head of the national team management department?

Is it possible for him to evade accountability for the failures under his leadership as the head of the national team management department? The national team management department, headed by Jalal Yunus, oversees everything related to the national team, including the coaching staff and the selection panel. However, the coach or captain refuses to listen to him.

The batting performance in the World Cup, which has been labelled as ‘cheating’, along with the team’s consistent failure in match after match, indicates that the team management needs to hear Jalal Younis. The country’s sports ministry has dissolved the Sri Lankan Cricket Board following the team’s failure in the World Cup.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has banned the Sri Lankan Cricket Board due to government interference. The board is considering reinstating the ban. The country’s international cricket will return to normal.

However, they were able to exhibit a reaction, albeit temporarily. The Pakistan national team is dismissing the coaching staff due to the team’s failure, and reports suggest that the selection committee may also be sacked. Bangladesh is remaining silent.

Can the selection panel of BCB shirk this responsibility? Unfortunately, Minhajul Abedin Nannu has been unable to develop a robust pool of national team cricketers over the past decade. They could not find an alternative player for the original XI. Tamim Iqbal replaced Tanjid Hasan Tamim in the World Cup due to his greater experience.

The Bangladesh team’s over-reliance on Tawheed Hriday has disadvantaged them, especially after a challenging game against Ireland. However, anticipation filled the air before the World Cup as everyone eagerly awaited the realisation of their dreams. According to Shakib’s mentor, Nazmul Abedin Fahim, some controversial events have contributed to the significant decline of the Bangladesh team.

He expressed his belief that Tamim Iqbal’s retirement before the World Cup, his decision to relinquish the captaincy, and subsequent events had a detrimental impact on the team. The situation has caused confusion and uncertainty among the cricketers. These players would have performed better had they been provided with a pleasant and supportive environment during the World Cup.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the coach’s actions have had a significant impact. Which action is reversed? Engaging in such actions during a major tournament like the World Cup is inappropriate. The main issue was that he needed help to lead the team with complete preparation. If we analyse each paragraph of the World Cup, we will find that both head coach Chandika Hathurusinghe and captain Shakib Al Hasan will be on the bench.

They were at the forefront of all the events leading up to and during the World Cup. BCB President Nazmul Hasan Papon made a significant error by heeding their advice.

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