Dengue Symptoms, Remedies and Actions

Now rainy season. Dengue is now the name of fear. Because every day patients are being admitted to various hospitals with symptoms of this disease. For whatever reason, mosquito control programs have not met with success this time. The general symptoms of dengue are similar to those of other viral diseases.

Many have taken treatment on their own initiative for so long. But this time, the symptoms of dengue disease have changed. In 2009, the World Health Organization published some of the worst symptoms of dengue, they are:

—Severe abdominal pain.

—Excessive vomiting (more than three times in 24 hours).

– Water accumulation in the body.

— Spotting of blood inside the mouth, on the whites of the eyes.

—Feeling very tired or weak.

— Enlargement of the liver by more than two centimeters.

—Blood tests

 Increased Hct, decreased platelets.

Once infected with a virus, our body’s immune system gains the strength to act against it in the future. Our body has made some kind of thing (antibody) against the type of dengue used to be there for some time. If the newly added type of dengue cross-reacts with that antibody, it takes a bad form. If the body’s immune system is low, it becomes more dangerous.

Precautions: Since mosquito eradication is impossible, survival is the only viable option. If you are too defensive about mosquitoes, normal life is disrupted.

— Controlled use of mosquito repellants can give us some relief.

—Abandoning the habit of sleeping during the day.

-Using mosquito nets etc.

Symptoms: Children and the elderly are usually physically weak. Their expression of feelings is also not normal. Special attention should be paid to them.

– Decreased normal function.

— Abnormal chills 24 to 48 hours after the fever has gone.

-Severe loss of appetite.

—Rapid breathing.

—Urine less than usual.

Adults are usually busy with work and often don’t realize if he is really getting worse or not. There are many examples of this. The death rate shows how apathetic we have become. So there are some things to keep in mind. For example –

— Is the amount of urine decreasing with fever or not?

—Whether the speed of breathing is increasing or not.

— Those who have heart problems are experiencing any new symptoms of heart disease or not.

—If a person without heart disease suddenly develops symptoms of heart disease.

— When the body becomes colder than usual.

—Difficulty standing or feeling low pressure etc.

To do:

 Drink plenty of liquid food such as water, syrup etc.

-Vitamin-C native fruits should be eaten more. Because they increase immunity.

-Smoking habits should be given up. Because it causes various damages, including changing the blood composition.

— It is not advisable to start treatment on your own if you have a fever.

— It is very important to be careful about taking pain medication during this season.

Where to go:

 It is safe to consult a specialist or MBBS doctor. The tests that the physician will perform to diagnose the disease should go to the established diagnostic where the specialist physician reports. Because these testing systems are now available in many places, it is normal to make mistakes when testing with unstandardized kits and reagents. Losses such as undiagnosed disease are greater than those caused by misdiagnosis. During the chikungunya outbreak in Gelbar, people suffered greatly due to the use of substandard kits. This may happen again because some miscreants are always looking for profit. It is not dengue, but reports have come that dengue has a great risk of financial, human and physical damage. Government hospitals are always the best for dengue treatment. Because any service is available at any time. So far, no news of the death of a dengue patient admitted to a government hospital has been received.

Dengue requires blood. In that case, the government centre is also ahead in terms of service. A person who donates blood should take care of a few things. For example –

—He should refrain from donating blood for at least 48 hours if he takes any anti-coagulant medication.

—Absolutely should not go to the blood donation centre to get empty, especially not more than four hours is acceptable.

—If someone needs platelets, the donor should not eat heavy food within two hours. It reduces platelet function.

Permanent solution: Social forestry is very important, as it preserves the balance of the environment and controls the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes.

— Houses should not be designed in such a way as to obstruct the passage of water.

Countries like Vietnam, Australia, Brazil, and Indonesia have successfully controlled Aedes mosquitoes with @The intracellular bacterium Wolbachia. So feasibility can be checked whether it can be done in our country or not.

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