The kingdom of clouds Nilgiris

Kingdom located in the clouds The Nilgiris is a beautiful destination for people who appreciate nature’s splendour. Nevertheless, mother nature has staged all of her splendour for the benefit of tourists. Because of this, if you want to satisfy your need to reach out and touch the shadows cast by the mountain’s peaks, you will have no choice but to travel to this realm of clouds.

One of Bangladesh’s most popular tourist destinations, the Nilgiris, may be found in the country’s Bandarban region, atop a chain of high mountains. The Nilgiri mountain, also spelt Darjeeling in Bangladesh, is located about 50 kilometres from the Bandarban district capital.

If you’re looking for a spot to get away from it all and spend quality time with your loved ones, go no further than Nilgiris. The rolling green hills and secretive clouds create a scene of fantastic beauty. If you gaze far enough, you can see the cloud bank, the Sangu River, Cox’s Bazar Beach, Keokradong, Bagalek, and Chittagong Harbor. From its foot to its peak, the entire hill is enveloped in lush vegetation and clouds. In the crooks of the tall cliffs, you’ll find orchards of citrus fruits, bananas, pineapples, grapefruits, papayas, olive trees, mango trees, jackfruit trees, and guava trees. So if you want to get close to the natives and immerse yourself in their culture, you can.

when will you go

Every season of the year, the Nilgiris revealed its shape. You can see the sun, clouds, and rain in this image. In the Nilgiris, nature is constantly evolving in this way. Clouds are always in motion, but the monsoon, fall, monsoon, and winter seasons see very heavy cloud cover. Consequently, the Nilgiris are the best spot to visit in the fall, winter, winter, and monsoon. Nilgiris is always open for business. However, if the monsoon season brings abundant rain, landslides may cause concern. As a result, the route may be closed at that time for the safety of the visitors.


Due to the presence of an army camp, Nilgiris is a very secure location for vacationing with one’s family. The Army manages this tourism centre. The Cloudy Nilgiris tourism centre was recently improved by the Army so that it can better accommodate visitors.

how to go

Travelling to Bandarban before continuing on to Nilgiris from anywhere in the country is necessary. Getting to Bandarban from Dhaka is easy; take a bus or train. Hanif, S. Alam, Saudia, St. Martin Paribahan, Dolphin, Shyamli, etc., are only a few bus companies that operate trips to Bandarban from all over the country. Bus rides to Bandarban might last anything from seven to ten hours.

There is no direct train from Dhaka to Bandarban. However, you can go to Chittagong by first train from Dhaka to Chittagong, Suvarna Express, Turna Nishita, Mahanagar Godhuli and Sonar Bangla.

You can go to Bandarban by taking Purbani and Pubali buses from Chittagong to Baddarhat. In this case, the rent will be 200-220. Also, you can go directly to Bandarban by bus from the Dampara bus stand in Chittagong for a fare of Tk 200-300.

How to reach Nilgiris from Bandarban

Bandarban is a convenient starting point for several routes to the Nilgiris. Jeeps, compressed natural gas vehicles, local buses, and Chander cars are all viable transportation options for getting to Nilgiris. Take a spare automobile if you’re going on a road trip with loved ones. In addition to Nilgiris, you can stop at other locations along the road. If you’d like to make a day trip out of it, a jeep will get you there and back. Renting a jeep from the Bandarban station will cost you between 3,000 and 6,000 TAKA daily.

Travelling by Chander vehicle, CNG, small jeep, etc., is possible. A two- to the three-hour window should allow you to get there without incident. The Nilgiris cloud forest is a popular tourist destination, but getting there can take up to six hours, so it’s best to leave early in the morning. The local bus will get you there for less money, but it will take you longer. Soon, buses will depart from the Thanchi bus terminal and head in that direction.

Rules for visiting the Nilgiris

Visitor information is collected at army checkpoints on the way to the Nilgiris. Keeping tourists safe from harm is the reason for its preservation. The Nilgiris Road normally closes to traffic at 5 p.m.

Where will you stay

Most of the tourists travel to Nilgiris from Bandarban and return to Bandarban day after day. Bandarban has several residential hotels and resorts. These resorts and hotels are located in and around the city. There are also army-run cottages for those who want to enjoy the clouds from the Nilgiris. This cottage is attractive to everyone, so it should be booked months in advance. Fares are higher during holidays.

where to eat

Nilgiri Resort has good quality restaurants. If you want, you can eat in these restaurants, but in this case, you have to order food in advance. You can also come back to Bandarban and eat. Bandarban has several food hotels, restaurants and cafes.

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