monipuri saree

A Paradigm of Global Fashion from Sylhet Hand woven textiles have long been an important part of Bangladesh’s heritage. Each tribe or community in Bangladesh’s northeast has its own distinct designs and motifs. Manipur has a unique position among our country’s textile zones. Weaving is a traditional skill practised by women in Manipur. Since time … Read more

Tajhat Zamindar Bari: Heritage of Rangpur


Bengalis, the wanderlust, take every opportunity to travel. There are numerous places to visit in our immediate vicinity! Tajhat Landlord House is a historic structure in the heart of Rangpur. You can also go to this traditional location if you want. The ancient regime of ‘Landlord regime’ was also prevalent in Bangladesh. There were several … Read more


editorial cinebuzz times

Rishi Sunak is poised to become the new leader of the governing Conservative Party after Conservative M.P.s voted against Liz Truss over her self-inflicted economic catastrophe and the following poll ratings fall. In electing Sunak, the Conservatives are making an extraordinary U-turn: just weeks ago, he was soundly defeated by Truss in the contest for … Read more

A youth football league with many loopholes

Sheikh Jamal DC clinched the title after posting seven wins, one draw and just one loss in nine games. But there is a loophole in their success story. Instead of carrying out arduous open trials to find players, they opted to rent in the services of one of the most renowned football academies in the country to play on behalf of the team. The Dhanmondi Club fielded the youth team of Jashore's Shams Ul Huda Football Academy and even roped in the academy's coach ahead of the league. By doing that, they had already gained the upper hand as the players from the academy, unlike the players roped in through open trials in other clubs, were well-drilled in a footballing, professional environment that provided them with proper facilities and had been playing together for about two years. Quite expectedly, they used that quality and experience to become champions. "The players have been together for nearly two years, training two sessions a day by availing modern facilities at the academy in Jashore. As a result, they have been improving daily and have a good understanding of each other," said Sheikh Jamal's U-18 team coach Kazi Maruf Hossain. Sheikh Jamal's triumph, or to be more specific, Shams Ul Huda Football Academy's success, has shown that if clubs take the initiative of facilitating round-the-year youth teams into their club structure, then favourable outcomes for youth football will follow, not only for the clubs but also for Bangladesh football in a broader perspective. Despite the glimpses of talent and potential seen amongst some, the league wasn't allowed to maximise their potential owing to a lack of training and preparation for th

Bangladesh Football Federation completed the inaugural season of the BFF U-18 Football League last Monday, where more than 200 budding footballers got a new platform to showcase their talent on a competitive stage. The BFF U-18 Football League is the top tier of the Bangladeshi football league system for under 18 players, where the youth … Read more

Ekushey Padak-winning actor Masum Aziz no more

masum aziz

Masum Aziz, an award-winning actor and screenwriter, passed away on 17 October 2023 at 3:30 pm at Square Hospital in the Capital. Muhammad Masum Aziz was a Bangladeshi, film and television actor. He has played in more than four hundred dramas and films since 1985 and was born in 1952 in Pabna. On stage, screen, … Read more


The Cinebuzz Production Film “570,” directed by Ashraf Shishir (winner of Bangladesh’s national film award) and produced by Jyotsna and Sham Islam, is expected to be released on the 16th of December 2022. Additionally, there will be two premiere showings before the big day: one in Dhaka on the 10th of December and another in … Read more

Hazrat Shah Jalal

A Mystical Tale of an Enlightened Soul You know, there is reverence and respect for saints among all Muslims worldwide. They are our role models, our guides, and our inspiration. One of the most revered saints in Islam is Hazrat Shah Jalal. It is said that the life of a great saint is nothing short … Read more

Sam Terry MP deselected by local Party October 2022

Sam Terry MP deselected by local Party October 2022

A former Labour frontbencher whom Leader Keir Starmer sacked after appearing on a picket line despite leadership asking frontbench MPs not to speak at the picket line has been deselected by his local party. Sam Tarry has been the party’s MP for Ilford South since 2019 but will not be the Labour candidate at the … Read more

Star Cineplex celebrates its 18th anniversary

star cineplex news

Star Cineplex celebrated its 18th year on October 8. It would be in 2004 that Star Cineplex would bring out the first multiplex cinema theatre in Bangladesh. The journey over these last 18 years has not been easy for the organisation. “The first two years, we had to reignite the cinema culture in Bangladesh. Right … Read more

Skincare preparation before winter

Skin care preparation before winter

Even though the heat is still present, a hint of winter is approaching at the night’s end. This weather occurs during the transition between seasons. Now that winter has arrived, taking care of one’s skin is necessary. There is nothing to worry about; only routine maintenance is required. You may now use the cosmetics you … Read more

Shah Rukh Khan ‘Jawan’

Shah Rukh Khan ‘Jawan’

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has finished work on the Chennai schedule of his upcoming film Jawan. The actor also said veteran south superstar Rajinikanth, popularly called Thalaivar (‘leader’ in Tamil), had blessed the set of the Atlee directorial through his presence. Shah Rukh, who shot for the movie here with co-stars Nayanthara and Vijay … Read more

Bigg Boss 16


Rashmika Mandanna’s famous Saami Saami hook step from Pushpa: The Rise has truly gone viral, as the actress has been spotted performing it across the country wherever she meets fans. She was the first guest invited to a reality show this year to make a special appearance on the famous reality Rashmika appeared on the … Read more

Politics and human rights in women’s Dress

Politics and human rights in women's clothing

The killing of Mahsa Amini in police custody has sparked hijab-wearing protests in Iran. The streets were filled with thousands of men and women. Women wearing compulsory hijab are burning on the streets. Several days resulted in the deaths of at least 200 civilians. Amini, age 22, was arrested because she was not wearing a … Read more



                                              By: DR. SHUVASHISH ROY  WHAT IS CONJUNCTIVITIS? Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, is when your eye gets inflamed, making the whites of your eyes bloodshot or pink in colour. Pink eye is quite common and highly contagious. CAUSES AND TYPES OF CONJUNCTIVITIS There are many causes for pink eye, either through an allergic … Read more

Nora Fatehi: Light the Sky

Nora Fatehi Light the Sky 3 pages

From “Saki Saki” to “Dilbar”, the Moroccan beauty Nora Fatehi ruled Bollywood with her scintillating dance moves and her enchanting performances. The “queen of belly dancing” became an international sensation with her twirls and whirls. However, her transformation to become a dancer wasn’t easy; she had to pass significant obstacles to become one of the … Read more

Harassment of expatriates must stop: GSC

Harassment of expatriates must stop-GSC

 UK expatriates are disappointed with the harassment of 7 expatriate investors in the ‘conspiracy case’. A protest meeting was held on the initiative of the Greater Sylhet Development and Welfare Council (GSC) South East Region in the incident of their arrest and harassment. On October 6, 2022, a huge protest was held in London. The … Read more

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