Rainy season

Rainy Season

The rainy season, utterly different from the five other ones, comes after the departure of summer. Two months of the Bengali calendar, Ashar and Shravan, are considered the rainy season. However, sometimes we can feel the rainy season’s impact until mid-Ashwin. Farmers in Bangladesh are thankful for the rainy season because it gives them food. … Read more

Lack of employment opportunities in Bangladesh

Lack of employment

Even though the economy has grown faster in the last ten years, the chances of creating new jobs have decreased. Even though the gross domestic product (GDP) growth has been fast during this time, employment has been decreasing. The rate at which new jobs opened up in different fields a decade ago is not the … Read more

Padma Bridge: Bangladesh on a new horizon

Padma Bridge

‘Bangladesh is an independent sovereign country. The heroic Bengali nation that can snatch its thousand-year-old dream of freedom through a long and bloody nine-month armed struggle is always indomitable and unyielding. No power in the world can stop its progress and prosperity. Proof of this is the Padma Bridge to win the dream of Bengalis. … Read more

The film industry in Dhaliwood is thriving


There were six film releases in June Four movies were released last Eid-ul-Fitr. But the real competition was between Shakib’s Galui and Siam’s Shan. Since then, it has been noticed that the audience’s interest has been increasing. They have started returning to the theatre. This response has also given courage to the producers. After a … Read more

BCB will help cricketers and flood victims in Sylhet


Sylhet’s flood situation has gotten much worse. There has been a disaster for people. The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has decided to help the people of Sylhet who have been affected by the floods. Nizam Uddin Chowdhury, the head of BCB, told the media at the Sher-e-Bangla Stadium in Mirpur, “We always try to help … Read more

Sylvia Pandit

Sylvia Pandit

A Bangladeshi-born American novelist and journalist Lives in the USA Bangladeshi-born American Sylvia Pandit has been living in America since 2008. Pandit is her family title. Her grandfather had outstanding contributions to her village by educating the villagers; that is why Sylvia Pandit decided to honour her grandfather by using the family title Pandit as … Read more

Jamal Bhuiyan, Maria Manda got Tk 5 lakh each

maria manda

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave a party for the men and women on the national football team. The footballers also got 5 lakh taka in addition to the reception. On June 20, 66 athletes and 22 coaches were invited to a party by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. In addition, 25 men play football, 23 women … Read more

Youth Crime: Is it a Major Issue?

Youth Crime

As industrialisation progresses, Bangladesh is becoming one of the emerging countries of South Asia. But throughout this movement process, it faces many problems, one of which is juvenile delinquency. Increasingly high rates of juvenile delinquency have become a major problem in modern society. The reason is that not all children have the privilege of living … Read more

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