Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022

Fifa World Cup Qatar 20222

A day-by-day guide to fixtures DESK REPORT, DHAKA The tournament kicks off on 21 November with a match between Senegal and the Netherlands at the Al Thumama Stadium. England is also in action on the opening day against Iran before facing the USA and Wales in Group B. Group-stage fixtures The 2022 World Cup features … Read more

Beef with satkara of Sylhet


Shatkara is a popular fruit in the region surrounding Sylhet. Shatkara can use all kinds of curry, but one traditional dish is “Beef with Shatkara”, especially with “kurbani” beef in Eid-ul-Adah. In Sylhet, Satkara is renowned for its ability to entertain guests. With Satkara, numerous ceremonies are performed. It is cooking with beef yields a … Read more

19 films receive the government grant

government grants

Every year, the government gives grants to the film industry to encourage talented people and new ideas. For the fiscal year 2021–2022, the government has given grants for making movies. The list was made public on June 15 by a notice from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. This year, grants of Tk 12 crore … Read more

The beauty of the mountains is hum hum waterfall

hum hum waterfall

 A stream of clear water is rolling down the hill, from 150 to 180 feet above. The murmur of the current flowing from the lonely hill is floating all around. The eye-catching sightseeing resort is Hum Hum Falls or Cheetah Falls. In the late 2010s, a group of tourists discovered this beautiful waterfall in the … Read more

A woman | a dreamer | a vessel | a warrior

Maymuna Fariha Sumayia

I am the might” with this slogan, a dreamy young woman Maymuna Fariha Sumayia started her journey and founded Shopnotori Foundation at Bancharampur, B. Bariya, in 2016. She is working tirelessly for women’s self-defence and women’s empowerment in the remote areas of the villager. For the women’s self-defence, she teaches Judo to the village girls. … Read more

FIFA World Cup Trophy in Bangladesh

FIFA World Cup trophy

Cinebuzz times desk The FIFA World Cup trophy travelled to Bangladesh on a 36-hour journey. The trophy arrived at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka at 11:20 am on the 8th of June via a chartered flight from Pakistan. A FIFA seven-member delegation, including 1998 World Cup-winning French football star Christian Carambus, arrived with the … Read more

Are you eating the right food?

right food

When it comes to eating, we often suffer from indecision. There is no shortage of good and bad foods for us. Sometimes eating the same food is beneficial, and sometimes it is harmful. Bread, rice, or fruit? Grain or liquid? Spicy food or salad? We have many thoughts about which is healthier and which is … Read more

Me And My Brick Lane: Part Two


From Part ONE, the reflection of memory continues. Disadvantage Bengali Struggle, the Nightmare, and Race attacked. However, every day hearing the word “Paki go back to your own country”, the Anti Racist Movement was the training point that changed lives into a land of opportunity and hopes both politically and economically; those who came to … Read more

Liberation War Museum

the Liberation War Museum

By: MD. ANWAR HOSSAIN Liberation War Museum is a rare collection of various important objects of the great liberation war of 1971. It is now a modern architectural building in Agargaon, Dhaka Built. On a private initiative, the first Liberation War Museum was inaugurated on 22 March 1996 in a rented house at Segunbagichar in … Read more

Kachchi Biryani

Kachchi Biryani

Still popular since the Mughal period Is it hard to discover people who don’t enjoy biryani? When the name Kachchi or Tehri of old Dhaka is mentioned, you feel a pang of lust. The tongue is like a water hose. Many other countries have a similar image of us. Everywhere in India, from the Mughal … Read more

Shakib is ready to lead


By: Cinebuzz times desk Although the captain has been elected, it has not been announced. It was pressed for a meeting of the BCB board of directors to give a democratic form to decision-making. However, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Shakib was returning to lead the Test team. On June 2, the … Read more

A new photographic exhibition on the anti-racist movement launched

anti-racist movement

By: ANSAR AHMED ULLAH A new exhibition titled ‘Brick Lane 1978: The Turning Point’ has brought together seventy of photographer Paul Trevor’s images for the first time, alongside first-hand accounts of activists of that period. The exhibition pays tribute to a generation of Bengali activists whose actions helped shape the struggle for social justice in … Read more

Working parents

parent employee

Many couples are both working. They spend most of the day outside the house for work or livelihood. In this case, the parents whose children are younger are worried. In most cases, women have to leave their jobs and stay home. After becoming mothers, mothers get paid maternity leave from work. After that, you can … Read more

Youth in The pressures of materialism in Bangladesh

In today’s world, everyone is running after materials to fulfil their desires. As a result, people lose the sense of what they really need and what they don’t. They are following herd behaviour to satisfy their desires. This article will discuss “youth in the pressures of materialism in Bangladesh” and how youngers can avoid materialism. … Read more

Promoting Women’s Entrepreneurship

Women's entrepreneurship

Women’s entrepreneurship is currently a rapidly rising socio-economic phenomenon in emerging countries. As part of their national development objectives, developing countries emphasise women’s entrepreneurship development. Today, it is widely acknowledged that women’s entrepreneurship may contribute significantly to the economic well-being of families and communities by creating jobs, reducing poverty, and ensuring women’s rights. Bangladesh is … Read more

Urinary tract infections in men

urinary tract infections

Usually, women get urinary tract infections. But men also get urinary tract infections. Some diseases and problems increase the risk of urinary tract infections in men. However, in the case of urinary tract infections in men, the matter has to be taken seriously. * As men get older, the prostate gland gets bigger, putting pressure … Read more

In many ways, summer is a unique season

In many ways, summer is a unique season. Flowers bloom in the summer as a result of the spring season. Among the fruits that we get are mangos, jackfruits, and litchis. The aroma of freshly harvested rice fills the air. It brings a grin to the farmer’s face. Unfortunately, at this moment, there is a … Read more

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