What Are the Biggest Problems Women Face in Society Today?

Man hitting the woman, silhouette vector

Women participate in all aspects of society, yet some issues have a greater impact on women. Let’s look at some of the biggest concerns that modern women confront, from the strength of the female vote to reproductive rights and wage disparities. Bangladeshi women have long fought for equality in the home, community, and state. However, … Read more

Sundarbans: The largest mangrove forest in the world


Ranzit Sarkar  The Sundarbans are a group of low-lying islands in the Bay of Bengal that are notable for their distinctive mangrove forests scattered throughout India and Bangladesh. With a surface area of roughly 40,000 square kilometres, this dynamic delta region is one of the world’s biggest. On both banks of the river, there is … Read more

Do Social Media Harm Young Adult’s Mental Health?

Do Social Media Harm Young Adult

Social networking is a technology with several advantages. It allows users to interact and exchange knowledge and meet new people. However, there are drawbacks, particularly for college-aged young people who have grown up in a screen-dominated environment. Humans are social creatures by nature. To prosper in life, we require the company of others, and the … Read more

Youth & Road Safety

Youth & Road Safety

The majority of young people who die in car accidents are under 25. Every day, approximately 1,000 young people are killed or injured on the world’s highways. For people between the ages of 15 and 25, this global health problem is the leading cause of death among those in this age group. Young people are … Read more



Ingredients: Methodology First, we have to blend the Sour yoghurt, Coriander leaves & Mint Leave. After that, we have to chop an apple very well. Then we have to take apple chopped, cucumber, cherry and tomato in a pot and mix very gently with rock salt & sugar. Now we have to blend all these … Read more

Mutton Shahi Rezala

Mutton Shahi Rezala

Ingredients: Mutton – 1 KG Sour yoghurt – 1 Cup Ghee or oil as per quantity Salt as per need Onion Beresta – 1 Cup Mawseed Pest – 2 Tablespoon Sweet Curd – 1 Cup Ginger + Garlic pest – 2 Tablespoon Coriander powder – 1 Tablespoon Chili Powder – 1 Tablespoon Turmeric Powder – … Read more

Asia Cup Hockey Final Squad Announced

Asia Cup Hockey Final Squad Announced

The Bangladesh Hockey Federation has finalized a 20-member squad for the Asian Games qualifiers and Asia Cup Hockey. The Asian Games hockey qualifiers will be held in the first week of next month, and the Asia Cup hockey in the third week of next month. Although the two tournaments have a uniform 20-member squad, the … Read more

Eid makeover in summer


Tuli Hadima Persona Beauty parlour Even if it is lightly applied in hot weather, the whole makeup look is ruined due to excessive sweating. For this reason, it is important to follow some tips for doing sweetening proof or sweat-free makeup in hot weather. Everyone has various plans for Eid. The last few Eids have … Read more

The campaign started, the joy of Eid in Dhallywood


Corona is in control of the situation. Many stuck big budget movies will be released this time. They will come to the theaters in stages from Eid-ul-Fitr. Several movies will be released on Eid. So far, however, only three films have been submitted to the producer-distributor association for release. These are ‘Galui’, ‘Vidrohi’ and ‘Shan’. … Read more

Dudher Shemai


Dudher Shemai Ingredients: Milk – 1 Litter Shemai – 200 Gram Suger – 3-4 Cup Rosewater – 1 Tablespoon Methodology 1: We have to approximately break the Shemai 2.5 cm (1 inch). We have to select the Shemai like very thin wire. 2:  First, heat the milk. Then combine the shemai and the milk. Mix … Read more

Women Empowerment in Rural Areas of Bangladesh

Women Empowerment

Women’s empowerment is a necessary precondition for eradicating global poverty and safeguarding human rights, especially at the individual level, where it aids in the formation of a foundation for societal change. Women make up nearly half of Bangladesh’s population, with 80 percent living in rural regions (Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics). However, on the basis of … Read more

Bangladeshi movie ‘Shimu’ in Japan

Bangladesh’s ‘Shimu’ is being screened in 15 cinema halls in Okinawan from Hokkaido, including Tokyo, Japan. Pen-Dora is in charge of serving in Japan. Although the film was earlier released in Bangladesh after the film was acclaimed in the country, this time, Rubaiyat Hossain’s film was released in the theatres of Japan. Recently, there was … Read more

Ranbir and Alia tie the knot

Ranbir and Alia

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt started a new chapter in their lives. The Bollywood star duo got tied up in Satpa. Ranbir and Alia pledged to walk together at Ranbir’s Pali Hill home, ‘Bastu’. Alia found the man of the mind. Ranbir and Alia tied the knot on April 14 at around 3 pm. Bollywood’s … Read more

Period Poverty & Stigma in Bangladesh 

Period poverty

Period poverty is defined as a shortage of sanitary goods, menstrual hygiene education, and sanitation infrastructure. It’s a global problem, and the financial strains of the COVID-19 pandemic have made it much more difficult for people to obtain the products they want.  Period poverty is prevalent in Bangladeshi communities, as many individuals regard menstrual products … Read more


stop violence

Cinebuzz times, UK: Yasmin Begum, 40, was found with stab wounds at home in Globe Road, Bethnal Green, London, after failing to collect her children from school on Thursday, 24th March. A peaceful and respectful vigil was held in tribute to Yesmin Begum in front of Newham Town Hall, Stratford, on 3rd April 2022. It’s … Read more

Traditional famous food of Barisal Narkel Pete Chingri

Narkel Pete Ching

Dilruba Beagum Fancy Bengalis are known as food lovers. In the world, we are known as “fish-rice” Bengali. Although fish and rice are the staple food of Bangladesh, there are different types of traditional food from different regions. Each district has some popular food, which carries the tradition of that district. Similarly, a traditional dish … Read more


baby health

Samia Siddika ‘The children of today will make the future of tomorrow’. Proper nutrition is fundamental to a child’s continued healthy growth, from birth through adulthood. Experts say, “Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for babies during the first six months”. In the first three years of infants’ life, correct feeding is particularly … Read more

Eid clothes in summer

Eid Clothes

Sabrin Afroz Tisha The shops are crowded. Many festivals did not take place due to the Corona epidemic. This time there are no such restrictions. And that’s why people are flocking to shopping malls to buy their favorite clothes for Eid. Since it is Eid in summer, there are some things to keep in mind … Read more

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