A salute to “100 Club”

100 club

CineBuzz Times Desk The ‘100 club’ delivered winter gear to 100 families in Bangladesh’s northern area on December 29th. In Uttar Khan, Dhaka, this group also organised a luncheon at an “Old people’s home.” It’s a place where mothers who have been abandoned on the streets can find refuge. This measure was taken to bring … Read more

Zayed wants to work with Ilyas Kanchan

zayed ilias

Md. Anwar Hossain Actor Zayed Khan has been elected general secretary of the Bangladesh Film Artists Association for the third time in a row. However, he is not getting the previous two-time president, Misha Saudagar, as his partner this time. Instead, actor Ilyas Kanchan has been elected as the association’s new president. Although the president … Read more

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Dr. AmanyAyub MBBS, MPH Public Health Specialist In COVID 19 pandemic, availability and access to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services is fundamental to fighting the virus and preserving the health and well-being of millions. Universal, affordable, and sustainable access to WASH is a key public health issue within international development and is the focus … Read more

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) in adults

Urinary Tract Infection

Dr. Amany Ayub MBBS, MPH Public Health Specialist Bladder infections are the most common type of urinary tract infection (UTI), but any part of the urinary tract can become infected—the urethra, bladder, ureters, and kidneys. Risk Factors Some people are at higher risk of getting a UTI. For example, UTIs are more common in women … Read more

Zakir Khan received an award from GSC

Zakir Khan

CineBuzz Times London Desk Zakir Khan, Associate Director of Canary Wharf Group, was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of East London for his outstanding contributions to community service and youth sports encouragement. Additionally, he was presented with an honorary doctorate by the Greater Sylhet Development and Welfare Council in the United Kingdom. The … Read more

Pitha Festival and Cultural event in Redbridge

Pitha Festival UK

CineBuzz Times London Desk Pitha (rice cake) is ingrained in the Bengali culinary tradition and culture. Pitha-puli is arranged in Bengali households as soon as winter arrives. However, due to the hectic pace of life in exile and the scarcity of materials for making pitha, the desire to eat pitha remains unsatisfied. On 29 January, … Read more

Bowl Out Racism campaign launched

Racism campaign

CINEBUZZ TIMES LONDON DESK Led by Capital Kids Cricket, the Bowl Out Racism campaign was launched today (28th January 2022) at the MCC Academy, Lord’s. The men’s ICC World Cup Trophy was displayed to promote the campaign as part of the launch. Working with partners, including the ECB, the Mayor of London’s Office, MCC, County … Read more

Tan of Siam-Bubli in Charki


CineBuzz Desk Bubbly is going to pass seven years in the film. On the other hand, the hero lasted five years. This is the first time the two have been seen together on the screen. Tan, the name of the movie, Their first film was released on the video streaming platform Charki on January 26. … Read more

Winter of Bangladesh

six seasons

CineBuzz Desk Do you enjoy the winter sun as much as I do? But, when it’s foggy in the evenings, and I’m out walking alone, it seems like rain is pouring into my heart, driving it to break. “ The winter season is characterized by fog and mist. In the winter, the mornings are typically … Read more

Sajek travels in search of clouds

Sajek Travels

Anwar Hossain Clouds like cotton, rows of green hills all around. In the kingdom of green, it is like a lake of white clouds! Indeed you wonder if such a beautiful scene like a dream can be seen in reality? And even if caught, you may have to go to a faraway unknown country. But … Read more

Rugby in Bangladesh gaining Popularity

Rugby in Bangladesh

SHEIKH IRAJ Many sports in Bangladesh do not get the recognition they deserve because of the massive popularity of cricket and football. The sport of rugby is relatively new in our country, and many don’t even know about the existence of the Bangladesh Rugby Federation (Union). That been said, rugby has been played in the … Read more

Barriers to Quality Education in Bangladesh

Quality education

by  Muhammad Mofizur Rahman (PhD) Education Education is the knowledge or skill obtained or developed by a learning process. It is the action or process of educating or of being educated. According to the definition of Wikipedia, Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs, habits, and personal development. Education is the most important … Read more

Arifin Shuvoo shocks with his new look for Noor

Arifin Shuvoo

CINEBUZZ TIMES DESK Arifin Shuvoo, a well-known actor, has stunned his fans with his new look for his next film, “Noor.” On January 12, 2022, the first look at his character in the Raihan Rafi directed film was released online. With cut hair and ragged clothes, the charming actor is seen clutching a girl’s portrait … Read more

Navigation Career & Motherhood

Navigation Career & Motherhood

Shahrin Islam Sharno “When I found out I was pregnant, I entirely modified my plans for how I would navigate my profession during that time.” I couldn’t teach because of severe morning sickness, and arranging my maternity leave was complicated by a flurry of management perspectives about what was best returning to work after the … Read more

Mahasthangarh A historic place

Mahasthangarh A historic place

MD. ANWAR HOSSAIN Mahasthangarh is one of the ancient antiquities of Bangladesh. Formerly it was called Pundravardhana or Pundranagar. At one time Mahasthangarh was the capital of Bengal. In 2016, it was declared as the cultural capital of SAARC. It is located in Shibganj upazila of Bogra district. Mahasthan Garh is located on the west … Read more

Loitta Shutki Vuna with Garlic Clove

Loitta Shutki vula

by Samia Sddique Ingredients  Loitta shutki: 50gram(5-6 pieces) Onion(chopped): 2 cups Onion Paste:  1 teaspoon Medium size Garlic crushed(Deshi Garlic) : 8-10 cloves Garlic Paste: 1 teaspoon Ginger paste : 1 teaspoon Turmeric powder : 1 teaspoon Coriander powder : 2 teaspoons Cumin paste : 2 teaspoons Red Chilli Powder: As per Taste Green chilli: … Read more

Business in the weaving village of Bogra

Village of Bogura

Md. Anwar Hossain The north wind is sending the winter message. As a result, the ‘Chadar Kambal village of Bogra’ has increased business. The demand for blankets and sheets increases as winter approaches. Everyone in the family, young and old, is now weaving. Despite the rising cost of manufacturing, the price of their lunar blankets … Read more

Travel to Kuakata Sea beach

Kuakata travel

RANZIT SARKER Winter is the best time Kuakata sea beach is located in the south of Bangladesh, also a beautiful green land. Kuakata is said to be the pilgrimage place of the traveling Piyasis. Millions of tourists from home and abroad flock to this Kuakata to watch the sunrise and sunset. But how to go, … Read more

Horse Race in Bangladesh

Horse race in Bangladesh

Anowar Hossain In Grameen Bangla, horse racing has a century-old tradition. It is extremely popular in rural communities. Horse races are still held in the village. The entire village congregates at the horse race’s centre, sits in the field fair, and thousands of people congregate. It’s a small thrill amidst the village’s white soil existence. … Read more

HIV: How much do you know about it?


by Samia Siddika I still believe that people have a negative impression about HIV and Aids; therefore, I felt that by sharing information, people would understand the disease better. Therefore, my purpose in presenting those issues is not to hurt or depress anyone; instead, I want to raise awareness so that people are aware of … Read more

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